International Tourism PortThe commission’s duties are carried out by two sections:

Section I:Review, study and suggestion of urban plans.

Section II:Administration

The Commission’s Resolutions:

Comment from Preliminary review or conclusion of ok committee’s review is discussed in the Commissions meeting, and units related and petitioners are invited to attend the meeting to provide explication when necessary. Resolution is made through joint consultation, context of each resolution is finalized by the chairperson of the meeting by summarizing the contexts of discussion in the meeting. The resolution is them referred to the Bureau of Urban Development for filing to the Ministry of the Interior for approval. The Commission’s agenda are arranged in compliance with the provision in Article 4.2 of the Rules for Enforcement of the Urban Planning Law in Kaohsiung City, i.e., within 30 days after the end of an open display for review on determination or change on any urban plan. In principle, review is placed in the agenda of Commission meeting to be held within one month after the end of open display for proposal presented to the Commission for the first time.